Executive Summary Review and Creation


The traditional business plan is dead for the purposes of pitching investors. Investors don’t have the time or inclination to read lengthy business plans but will still want to read something that gives them an overview of your proposition before they meet you. Pitching without an executive summary is preparing to fail.

With Executive Summaries Less is More

Many Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists  want to see an executive summary as well as a pitch deck. In the same way that pitch decks have changed as a result of a need for efficiency of communication and increasing emphasis on design, so have executive summaries evolved.

Investors now expect to see one pagers (max 2) rather than the 3-5 pages of yesterday.  The challenge with this, as Mark Twain note, is that created less is more challenging.

Trying to succinctly summarise the core elements of your pitch in a clear and compelling manner is far more difficult than creating a 20 page business plan. And don’t forget that it needs to look good as well as read good. For today’s executive summaries, design and branding matters.

Secure Meetings and Get Funded with a Concise Compelling Executive Summary

We have helped countless entrepreneurs secure meetings with investors and ultimately get funded by working with them to create concise compelling executive summaries.  We will ensure your executive summary:

  • Concisely and clear communicates your proposition.
  • Compliments your pitch deck and pitch.
  • Attractively blends text with design.
  • Creates impact and intrigue so that investors want to meet you.

Executive Summary Services

A | Executive Summary Review and Advice –  We will review your executive summary and provide you with detailed advice and feedback on content and format issues

B  | Premium Executive Summary Creation –  We will read through all your materials, advise you on further steps to be taken, build and design your deck from the ground up.



TAKE ACTION! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create and deliver a pitch that ensures you can take your business to the next level. T: +1 650 373 2036 or email coaching@thepitchclinic.com.

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